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Honesty in sales SHOULD be the norm

When you work in retail, or any service industry, it is easy to forget why you are there.  In high school, I worked at Victoria’s Secret.  It was a fun job, but like most retail locations, it did become a little repetitive.  Day after day, I refolded the same table of underwear that people continuously destroyed.  Occasionally I had the pleasure of helping a man … Continue reading Honesty in sales SHOULD be the norm

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Ah! Distractions!

I sat down to write this blog approximately 3 hours ago.  But then I remembered something I needed to research for my photography business.  Oh look!  Someone commented on the picture I posted on Facebook this morning.  Definitely need to check that out.  And while I’m at it, I’ll go ahead and peruse the news feed – oh geez, another political article.  There are so … Continue reading Ah! Distractions!

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The high cost of spending less

Most people have experienced that literal fork in the road, where one direction will take you to a decent, reputable hotel chain for $100/night, and the other will take you to a $59/night alternative, that is not as decent, nor as reputable.  But it will do, right?  Yeah, let me know how that works out for you!  As someone who has indeed experienced this situation, … Continue reading The high cost of spending less

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Giving your all

When do you feel your best?  When do you feel the happiest, and the most satisfied with the way things are?  For me, I feel my best when I can look back over the course of the day and know that I have truly accomplished something.  I’m not always going to complete everything on my to-do list, and that’s OK with me.  However, I do … Continue reading Giving your all

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One path to stress relief

Samsung phones have this cool little feature that allows you to measure your stress levels.  From time to time, I check mine and I typically fall right smack dab in the middle, if not on the low side.  I pride myself on my patience (hence the ability to spend my days with two toddler boys) and I am generally an easy-going type of person.  However, … Continue reading One path to stress relief

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What is this all about?

In looking over the blog posts included on the Except the Exceptional site, I realized that some might wonder, “What is this blog all about?” The topics range from personal to professional, home-life to work-life, travel and even ethics.  The ultimate goal in all of them is to open the reader’s eyes to new ideas, and hopefully help make some aspect of their life easier/better.  And this … Continue reading What is this all about?

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Kids in the Winter – Yikes!

As a work-at-home mother, the winter months tend to be the ones I dread the most.  I love the beginning, when it’s fun to get cozy and curl up under blankets for an awesome Pixar movie, but as time goes by, watching Toy Story again starts to get old for parents and kids alike.  The holidays require a lot of work on the part of parents, … Continue reading Kids in the Winter – Yikes!

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Get started on your financial goals

As the new year approaches, it is easy to say to ourselves, “Next year is going to be different.  I’m going to be thin, rich, and much, much happier.”  Inevitably, next year will be quite similar to this year unless you put your mind to making a big change.   But what if you committed yourself to a small change?  Something that is easy to … Continue reading Get started on your financial goals


Different is not bad

The earth is made up of over seven billion distinct individuals.  Everyone has their own traits; some are positive, which can put them ahead of others, and some are negative, and these flaws ensure that no one is perfect.  No two individuals are the same, and this is how it has been since the dawn of time. So why does it seem difficult for some … Continue reading Different is not bad


Time after time

This time of year, people start thinking a lot about changes they want to make after the clock hits midnight on the 31st.  Typically you will hear vows to lose weight, quit smoking or any number of promises that weren’t fulfilled the year before.  This may sound cynical, but the truth is, you rarely hear of someone setting a useful New Year’s goal that they … Continue reading Time after time