What you see is what you get

Finding a new service provider can be a daunting task.  I know that for me, it includes hours of checking online reviews, comparing companies, and looking at costs.  When I finally feel I have made the right decision, I tend to second-guess myself and wonder if there was one more place I could have looked, one more website I could have checked.  However, occasionally a deal will come across my email that is too good to pass up; before I know it, I have signed on with a new provider and set an appointment having no idea what to expect!  Nine times out of ten, this does not work out well and I end up feeling cheated, like my money has been wasted or worse, stolen.

Most recently, I purchased a Groupon deal for a window cleaning service.  The deal promised to clean 25 windows, inside and out, for the low price of $50!  I counted the windows in my home, and sure enough we have exactly 25 windows.  Deal purchased, appointment set.  The first two appointments had to be rescheduled, but finally, the day arrived and the window cleaners were ready to begin. After taking a look around, the man asked if I had read the “fine print” on my deal.  Apparently, each of my windows counts as two, therefore they would only be able to clean 12 windows, but I could certainly pay an additional $50 for them to clean 12 more!  Seeing as they were already there, I agreed and they proceeded to clean 24 windows.  As we were settling up, the man told me that he would include a quote for the future, if we wanted to use them again at full price.  His quote?  $99!  One dollar less than what I paid with a Groupon deal!

This experience, among others, has made me think about what’s important with the services I receive – should I always look for the low price, or should I be willing to pay more up front knowing that what I see is what I get?  Had I done my research, I probably would have found that most companies would charge around $100 to clean my windows.  This is a higher “up front” cost, but at least I would have peace of mind knowing that this would be the only cost, and at the end of the day I would not feel as though I had been swindled by a dishonest company.  Making your customers feel as though they are valued and being treated in a fair and honest manner is one of many ways to develop a loyal, long-lasting customer base.

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Royal Services offers honest costs to its customers – what you see is truly what you get.  If our prices look higher, it is simply because we have already included all key items in the initial quote, rather than low balling to get you in the door. We allow companies to budget for the true amount they are going to spend, rather than having to find additional money when issues arise. There is obviously the unknown, and unexpected surprises can occur, but we do everything in our power to limit change orders and unforeseen expenses.