Quality Customer Service

Everyone has had the experience of dealing with a company with extremely poor customer service.  You feel angry and warn all of your friends: “If you ever use them again, you’re dead to me!” And any time that company is brought up in conversation, boy do you have a story to tell.  But what happens when you have a wonderful experience, with over the top, unheard of, amazing customer service?  Do you shout it from the rooftops?  Or the equivalent, write about it on your Facebook wall?  Sometimes.  As a society, I think we focus far too much on the negative, but should start challenging ourselves to share our positive experiences more often.  If I’m looking for a new cleaning service, hearing your horror stories will help a little, but hearing your great experiences will be of much greater service.


Someone asked me recently about the best customer service experience I have had.  Interestingly enough, the one that came to mind was a cable company.  Customer Service is notoriously poor in this field, yet I have had nothing but positive experiences with this company.  In the beginning, I had a sense of dread every time I needed to call for maintenance.  Based on past experiences with other companies, I came to expect an uncaring and less than helpful person on the other end of the line, and the feeling that my problem wasn’t actually solved at the conclusion of the call.  However, with my current company (Consolidated Communications, in case you were wondering), I no longer dread calling because I know that waiting on the other end of the line is a helpful and friendly agent who will take whatever time needed to make sure my problems are solved.  And if it can’t be fixed over the phone, a friendly technician will be to my house in a timely matter to get everything in working order again.  This top of the line service has created a customer for life.  And isn’t that what every company should be striving for?  No one wants to be the company that your friends warned you about; so why not do whatever it takes to be the company that your friends rave about?   At Royal, our best marketing tool is our evangelist customer, and our ongoing goal is to provide retail facility solutions that are worth sharing with others.


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