Building and Maintaining Relationships

Developing quality relationships with clients is an essential part of business, as those relationships will most likely lead to many more in the future.  But what do you do when your business is complete?  Many businesses maintain open lines of communication and high quality customer service right up until the work is complete and the bill is paid.  After that, they spend their time looking for the next customer to make the next sale and the next dollar.  But wouldn’t it be easier to let your past clients do that work for you?


My husband and I purchased a new home just over a year ago, and we had the absolute pleasure of working with Megan Irvine, a realtor with Reece and Nichols.  Megan is a former teacher who won us over on our initial meeting with her highly informative, but very low-pressure style.  We immediately connected and were so excited for the journey with her!  She did not disappoint and we are now living in the home of our dreams.  At one point during the process we made an offer on a different house, and I lay awake the entire night feeling that we made a terrible mistake.  I called Megan in the morning and apologized profusely, but she eased my mind explaining that she would do whatever it took to get us into the perfect house – after all, she would be visiting us and wanted to visit us at a house that we loved!  I took that comment with a grain of salt, but appreciated her kindness and we moved on to other houses.  However, we have come to realize that Megan was not just saying what it took to make us happy.  She truly has continued to be a part of our lives despite already completing the task at hand.  Just about every month, we have a special gift on our doorstep from Megan and her team, like the one pictured below.  She has hosted gatherings at her home for past and present clients, and has also attended birthday parties and celebrations at our home for our children.  We truly consider Megan a part of the family and would of course recommend her to anyone who needs a realtor!  It is no surprise the Megan and her team won awards for their amazing service to the 96 families they moved in 2015!


This Valentine’s Day, remember the importance of relationships.  Maintaining relationships with past clients can develop into lasting friendships, but can also reduce your workload when they do a large part of your marketing for you by acting as evangelists for your company!  For more ideas, check out these 6 steps for building lasting relationships with clients.

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