Remembering What’s Important

Spring is finally here, which means summer is just around the corner!  For many people, summer is a time of travel and leisure, so as the weather warms up, you might begin thinking about all of the wonderful places you would like to visit.  Personally, I love a getaway every now and then, even if it’s just a few hours away.  I am probably in the minority on this, but I love staying in hotels!  I love that I can fully relax and not have to worry about a kitchen that needs cleaning, or dinner that needs to be cooked.  I love that my whole family is forced to be crammed together in one place, which always results in fun and laughter.  Now, I’ll admit that as I’ve gotten older, not just any hotel will do.  Especially with small children, I’ve become a little pickier about where we go and much prefer the Wyndham resorts with washer and dryer and separate bedrooms to a standard Holiday Inn with questionable carpets.  But at the end of the day, I just love having my loved ones all in one place.

Travel does bring about many happy feelings, but there is something else that having children has awakened in me, and that is a major fear of flying.  I used to be pretty ok with it, in fact I rather enjoyed it!  But on a flight to England when I was pregnant with my first son, I vowed to never fly pregnant again, because without a little “lubrication,” I just can’t manage.  Just thinking about our next trip to England, which is months away, causes me to feel the need to breathe into a bag and put my head between my legs.  However, if I am going to fly somewhere domestic, Southwest Airlines is always my first preference.  They have made a name for themselves in the airline industry for a number of reasons, including Transfarency, their policy of no hidden costs or extra charges; your bags fly free, which is a load off when figuring out the cost of the flight; and their flight attendants are hilarious!  This fact alone has gotten Southwest a lot of attention recently, especially as one of their YouTube sensations was a contestant on the Amazing Race due to her hilarious public announcements!  My favorite by far, however, is this attendant rapping the safety instructions; I think I would have been able to relax a little on that flight after laughing so much!

Southwest is definitely doing something right.  And although you might argue that their ticket prices are a little higher, the peace of mind is worth it for me.  I know there won’t be extra charges, and I know that if something comes up in my life and I am unable to fly, I will not be out a couple hundred dollars.  All of this, plus in-flight entertainment?  Yes please!

So next time you are looking for a service provider, don’t immediately discount someone due to the higher cost; in many cases, that higher cost comes with additional perks and makes your life much easier.  And when your life is easier, you have more time to spend crammed in a small hotel room with the people you love most in the world.  Which is totally worth it.


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