Company Culture: So Hot Right Now

Expect The Exceptional

Company Culture is all the rage.  In fact, a Columbia University Study shows that the likelihood of turnover at a company with a rich company culture is only 13.9%, compared to 48.4% where there is poor company culture.  Employers are realizing that when their employees are happy, workplace productivity is increased.  And chances are, if you work for a company that is promoting a positive company culture, and also likes to party, you have probably visited the Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I have actually been there twice, and both times have left feeling inspired – both inspired to have more fun at work, and also a little inspired to move to Vegas and work for them.  It looks like so much fun!  If you have not had the pleasure of visiting, I will give you a little background.

Zappos was founded in 1999 and was initially called…

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