Worth the Money

One of the first things that we did after returning from our honeymoon was to purchase a timeshare. We both love traveling, we were looking forward to starting a family, had experienced REALLY bad vacations in the past, and liked the idea of paying a monthly maintenance fee which we hoped would “force”us to take time away from work.

We recently returned from spending the Labor Day weekend in Branson, MO where we will return later this year, and in between these two trips we will be heading to the Lake of the Ozarks to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

The way that the system works is pretty straight forward. We paid an upfront amount which gets us a set number of points each year. We then have a monthly maintenance fee and everything else is covered. We decide where we are going on vacation, find a nearby resort, check availability and book our trip. There are times when availability is limited, but for the most part we are able to get the resort that we are looking for.

If you are only looking at the upfront cost, then of course it would be much cheaper to stay in economy properties such as Motel 6, Days Inn or Super 8. However, in the Wyndham properties we experience several benefits that ultimately make the total cost much lower than staying in an economy resort, as well as giving us a much more enjoyable experience, guaranteed.

Image result for good vs bad hotel

The condos are equipped with a full kitchen, dishwasher, washer/dryer, and cleaning supplies. We love being able to do our end-of-vacation laundry before heading home so that the transition into everyday life is much simpler! We will do a supermarket run before arriving at the resort so that we don’t have to spend money on food and drink during our time away. We don’t have to take a trip to the local laundromat or pay extortionate fees at the hotel for their laundry service.  We also save money when we fly, as we do not need to pack a separate outfit for each day, increasing the number of bags required.  Instead, we can pack a few staples and mix and match outfits with the opportunity to throw them in the laundry after wearing them.

The resorts are family friendly and safe.  There is security on site, they are well lit and include well maintained grounds and literally hundreds of amenities for the entire family to enjoy. From swimming pools and shuffle board to table tennis and horseshoes, the resorts are designed for family fun. If you so desired, you could easily spend an entire week of vacation without having to leave the resort.

These are all huge benefits of the timeshare that we own, and we truly enjoy the overall experience. We know that we are going to have an incredible time in a gorgeous resort where we are made to feel like royalty.  There are never any concerns that we will check in to a hotel, only to check out as soon as we see the unacceptable state of the room.

The high quality service that we receive at our timeshare is exactly what Royal Services, the leading national rollout company want their customers to receive. Royal will definitely not be the cheapest provider when looking at upfront cost but when you look at the overall picture and the total cost, Royal will be the best provider.  There is not a concern that the job won’t be done to your satisfaction; there is no worry that it won’t be completed on time.  You won’t have to fret about losing business due to shoddy workmanship.  Royal takes pride in their work, and they are worth every penny.



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