Working for a family company

Between the two of us, my husband and I have worked for six family-owned/operated companies. We have had a mixed bag of experiences, from very, very bad to very, very good.  It takes a special person to run a family business; the person who can do this successfully has to be adept at distinguishing between business and family; they must feel strongly that nepotism will not help their business grow; family business owners must take their company and all employees seriously, as well as treat everyone equally, for better or for worse.  Finally, running a small, family-owned business allows for some freedom and flexibility, and it is always nice when an owner uses that flexibility to allow their employees to put their health and families first.

As I mentioned above, my husband and I have both had very negative experiences working for family companies in the past.  Both of us have worked for owners who place their inexperienced and under-qualified children in important places.  We have both worked for owners who play favorites at the expense of their company’s well-being.  We have both worked for people who have no business running a company, yet they do and they are making their employees’ lives miserable, day after day.  There were many days at my husband’s old job that he would express a desire to work for a large corporate firm, as then he would know that things were being done by the book.  Additionally, he would not be asked to call his 32 year old co-worker every morning to make sure he was awake and would get in to work on time (that actually happened).

On the other hand, we have both worked for amazing family-owned businesses, including those owned by our parents!  We had the opportunity to watch our parents run a business, treat employees with respect and not give their children handouts.  We learned from them the correct way a family-owned business should operate and have used that knowledge to find our ways into a company that shares similar values.

Royal Services is a family-owned and run business.  Unlike our past experiences, this company is organized, professional and fair.  Royal remembers the important things in life, such as family and health, and their compassion causes their employees to work harder and do their very best every day.  They are not a huge company, but they are large enough to create work for people all over the country.  They treat their employees and contractors with the utmost respect, and while it might be easy to pass work off to the many people working for them, they are the first ones there in the morning and last ones who leave at night.

Next time you are looking for a new company to work for or do business with, keep in mind the dynamic at the workplace.  Is it a small, family-run company?  That can be a huge positive!  But make sure your next question is whether or not they treat their employees with respect and fairness, as these are the kinds of companies that will last.


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