Working with family pays off

My first job was working for my mom at the consignment store she started with my grandfather.  I would work there after school and on Saturdays.  It was a great way for me to begin to understand the world of work and responsibility, while helping my family at the same time.  As a bonus, I got to spend time with my mom and share in her business endeavor.  My mom stayed home with us when we were younger, but as we got older, she wanted a job that was flexible, where she could take us along.  So she started her own!

My husband’s first job was working with his father for his construction business.  He helped build additions onto houses, and always stayed until everything was cleaned up and looked even better than when they arrived, as his father taught him.  When we went to England over the summer, Jamie drove us around and showed us many of the houses he worked on and he could not contain the pride he felt having built something with his father and having something to show for it.  I know the times they spent together working are times neither of them will forget, and the lessons Jamie learned have shaped his work ethic throughout his professional life.

I now have the pleasure of staying home with my own children, but like my mother, I want to contribute to my family’s finances.  I have found a few things that I can do from home, but in looking for an additional source of income, my husband and I  began cleaning an office building.  As opposed to his previous side job of soccer coach, this actually gives our family a chance to spend more time together, instead of taking one member of our family away from us all weekend, every weekend.  Additionally, since we can bring the boys along, this allows them to begin learning about working for what we need and want.

henry ford quote.jpg

Ultimately, although the cleaning takes away a little bit of our weekends, it allows us to accomplish something as a family.  At Royal Services, also a family business, the Shyvers have the opportunity to work with their family members and achieve success together, building their relationships and developing a sense of pride for what they have accomplished.

Not everyone has the opportunity to work with their family, but if you have a chance to do something together, it is a great way to build closeness and teach important life lessons!



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