What is this all about?

In looking over the blog posts included on the Except the Exceptional site, I realized that some might wonder, “What is this blog all about?” The topics range from personal to professional, home-life to work-life, travel and even ethics.  The ultimate goal in all of them is to open the reader’s eyes to new ideas, and hopefully help make some aspect of their life easier/better.  And this “life-improvement” aspect stems from the reason this entire blog was started, and that is Royal Services.  What is Royal Services?  Royal is a lot of things – they are a project management, construction, facility maintenance, rollout champion of a company.  But for people who aren’t “in the biz,” it might be a little difficult to understand.  So please allow me to break it down!  Who knows, you may realize that there are ways Royal can help you that you weren’t even aware of!
1. Project Management and Rollouts – pretend you want to install new granite in your kitchen.  No big deal, right? (Unless you’re on Housegranite
Hunters – then the house BETTER already have that granite). But now pretend you have 100 houses, and they all need new granite and the look needs to be consistent across the board.  This is what Royal does for businesses.  If business X needs new display cases installed in all of their stores, Royal will send experienced people to complete the job in a consistent manner, ensuring that the businesses and their new cases look equally fabulous across the board.

2. Facility Maintenance – uh oh!  It’s the hottest day of the year, you walk into your business and the air conditioner has stopped working.  You can call around to every A/C repair place in the area (all of which are busy, of course) and eventually end up closing for the day, OR you could partner with Royal.  Because in this situation, you could simply make one phone call, and your A/C will be fixed lickety-split, allowing you to keep the store open and continue making the big bucks.

3. Construction – it came to you in a dream: a brand new look for your store.  Beautiful new tile floors, custom built shelving, and brand-new lighting to really highlight your new bigstock-CHICAGO-IL--MARCH-------128179376.jpgproduct line.  When you wake up, your excitement is immediately diminished when you remember that you have a life, and simply do not have the time NOR the money to accomplish such a huge task.  But what if you could do it?  What if you could call one person, who would then work with you to set up all of your projects, saving you the time it would take to call multiple places searching for the best deals, plus getting a great deal at the same time?  That’s what Royal does for their partners in need of construction services.

4. Government – government sites that require compressed or specialty gases at their sites can rely on Royal to provide the highest quality materials that are in compliance with government regulations.  And they don’t stop at gas!  Royal also provides a number of other provisions for government sites, including but not limited to safety products, CCTV equipment and water testing supplies.  Again, always staying up to date with changing regulations and ensuring their partners will be compliant with government standards.

5. RAZOR – this is the system that is used to do pretty much everything.  Nathan Shyver, CFO for Royal, created this CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) in
order to provide a streamlined way to communicate with clients in real time.  Clients can track spending, check work razor-screen-shotprogress, manage maintenance and more, simply by logging into this one place.  RAZOR was designed to work specifically with Royal’s scope of work, as a quick and easy way for clients to stay informed, but also as a place where they can find more in-depth information about their business in regards to their maintenance, construction and project management needs.

So there you have it folks.  While it may not have been clear with all of that fancy, technical jargon I used (like lickety-split), the heart and soul of Royal boils down to helping others succeed, which is why I aim to do the same with this blog in the best way I know how, using the written word.



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