Customer Service Checklist

And here we go again…

Any veteran Expect The Exceptional reader out there will know that customer service is one of the most common topics discussed. This could be because in so many businesses,  customer service is dying as a focus on short term profits overpowers building customers for life. Today we take a look at things from the business owner’s side of things and provide you with an editable template that can be used to evaluate your team and their treatment of your clients.

One of the best pieces of advice that I can provide to business owners is to set the expectations for superior customer service from the very first moment that you interact with your candidates. Throughout your entire business there needs to be a consistent message of how crucial your patrons are to your business. This information needs to be present in job ads, needs to be addressed in the interview process, and should be a key component of your training process, weekly meetings, and work reviews.

The following checklist should be a good start to getting your customer service up to the levels you desire if you aren’t currently there. Please modify as required to make this more applicable to your individual business. This checklist can be used for quarterly reviews with your team, and you can also get a little more complex if you wish to create some quantitative metrics. This will allow you to compare employees across your network, and will also give you valuable data that can be used for training and evaluations.

Check out some of

  • Customer Interaction 
    • Greets customers in a friendly and professional manner at all times
    • Services all customers the same regardless of their age or appearance.
    • Makes suggestions based on customer comments.
    • Makes eye contact with customers.
    • Appears engaged and interested in what the customer is telling them.
    • Minimizes any wait time.
  • Brand Awareness
    • Confidently explains the company’s products and services.
    • Has a good working knowledge of the company’s goals and objective
    • Is able to explain the features and benefits of each product.
    • Understands how to match specific products and services with particular customer needs.
    • Shows a passion and enjoyment of the company’s products and purpose
    • Goes above and beyond to demonstrate your competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Diffusing difficult situations
    • Acts within the chain of command in conflict situations
    • Understands who can authorize actions or changes
    • Remains calm during conflict situations
    • Acts to diffuse or alleviate the situation
    • Applies best practices effectively and offers different problem-solving options to customers to ensure they are pleased with the outcome of their interaction with your business
    • Resolves customer service issues in a fair and equitable manner
  • Attitude and behavior
    • Displays professionalism in their appearance, timeliness and interaction with customers
    • Is a team player who is prepared to listen to and help their colleagues
    • Shows an interest in wanting to continue their education and excel further in their position

You could also collect comment cards from your customers, or have them submit a simple online survey after an interaction with your business. This is usually very helpful as typically it is the customers at both ends of the satisfaction spectrum that will take the time to provide feedback, whether it be good or bad. All of this data is extremely valuable and can be used to steer your ship in the direction you desire.

This might sound daunting if your business is not currently known for it’s excellent customer service, but this is something that can be changed. This will also allow you to differentiate your business and take your immediate revenue and long term success to new levels. Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and start making changes today!

Have any customer service tips that set your business apart from the competition? Have a favorite business who take exceptional care of their customers? Please share them in the comment box below.

Our personal favorite here at #ExpectTheExceptional is Southwest Airlines. These guys are pioneers in their field, aren’t prepared to go against the grain, and put their customers at the top of every priority list they create. The company culture is incredible as any of you who have flown with Southwest will attest.

Company culture at Southwest Airlines

Until next week, be safe, make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, and Expect the Exceptional in everything that you do.





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