Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With all the gifts that my husband receives I try to make them as personal as possible, with an emotional piece attached to each gift. I believe that the thought that went into making or purchasing the gift is the most important thing and the place where you can show your appreciation and love.  In case you are having last-minute struggles finding the perfect gift, here are some ideas that might help!

  • Favorite sports team apparel – you really can’t go wrong with this one. The majority of men have a favorite team whether it be a professional team, a national team, a college team, or it could even be the team that your child plays on.
  • Favorite breakfast or meal – if your man is one who appreciates breakfast in bed, this is a great day to put this plan in motion!  Otherwise, making their favorite meal, no matter how complicated, is a great way to show appreciation for all that they do.
  • Personalized cup or mug – the first Father’s day gift that my husband received was 20170616_113257a handprint mug.  Seeing as our son was only about 5 months, this didn’t turn out perfectly, but he loved it all the same!
  • Let the kids pick out a gift. This started when my husband let my then 2 year old son pick out a birthday card and gift for me. He was obsessed with dogs at the time, so unsurprisingly my card featured a canine friend! I also ended up receiving a gift card to Panda Express as my son was drawn in by the Panda and it was also at a height that he could easily see and reach.  Last year, I took him to the local 5 Below and let him choose anything in the store to give to his dad for a gift.  It was as much fun for me as it was for dad when he got his new soccer ball!
  • Paint something – you can purchase canvas boards at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  Set it up on an easel with basic paint colors and let the magic happen!
  • Take a special photo – My husband is from England and is a soccer fanatic. This is DSC_0660 4actually how he ended up in Kansas City. Unsurprisingly, as soon as my boys could walk, my husband rolled a soccer ball out at their feet! The three things that my husband loves the most in the world are his family, his country, and football. I dressed my two boys in their England soccer kits, sat them down with a ball in front of a soccer goal, and took a photo which I then had put onto a canvas.
  • A personalized fishing tackle box or cooler- we did this for my dad a couple of years ago.  My dad already had a perfectly good tackle box, but needed a small cooler for his lunch (and possibly worms)!  We decorated the side of the cooler with handprint fish for a personal touch.
  • A gift that the dad in your life can complete with those around him – Last year I got 20170616_113405my husband a toolbox set that he had to paint and assemble with the assistance of my two sons. This was a great activity that allowed the three of them to spend time together, and it also produced a very personal gift that has meaning for all of them.

What is the best thing that you have done for the dads in your life? Which gift has tugged on their heart strings? Share your ideas below, and if you haven’t done so already be sure to make Sunday an extra special day for all the fathers in your life. Until next time, take care, and Expect The Exceptional in everything that you do!


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