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Earning Trust and Respect

Presidents’ Day was earlier this month, and with that holiday the ideas of trust and respect are brought to the forefront of our minds.  This holiday celebrates our country’s leaders, namely two of the most widely respected Presidents our country has seen, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.   George Washington was not known for his knowledge, nor his experience, however he did have a wonderful reputation for his character and integrity.  Likewise, Abraham Lincoln was well-known for his honesty, as well as his modesty.  Times have changed since their presidencies, but they are still looked back upon in a positive light by the vast majority of people.

Businesses can benefit from keeping this information in mind. People make mistakes, that is to be expected.  You can learn the character of the business you are working with by paying attention to what happens after the mistake is made.  Does the business own this mistake, and work to make it right?  Or do they try to cover it up, telling lies and making excuses?  Or even worse, do they blame you, the customer? Everyone has had the experience of working with a dishonest company, or one who refuses to admit wrongdoing.  Recently, a light in my car needed a new bulb.  This happened before on the other side, so I knew from experience that a special bulb was needed.  Having two little boys at home makes it difficult for me to get out to the dealership, so my husband called ahead and explained the situation prior to an oil change, hoping that both could be taken care of at the same time.  He was told that they had the correct bulb in stock, and it would be no problem.  However, when he arrived at his appointment, he was told the bulb would need to be ordered.  Now maybe if we were childless and/or jobless, this would not be a very big deal.  However, we are neither, so making an additional trip out to the dealership is a big hassle.  They called us when the light came in, but it was a few weeks before we could find time to go back.  When my husband got there, he should have received major apologies, right?  Instead, he was given grief for taking so long to get there after they called!  Where is the customer service?

When you work with Royal Services, you are working with a facility management company that is on your side.  We do our best to give honest quotes, limit the number of calls to your store, and reduce the number of mistakes that are made.  However, we are human!  Therefore, if a mistake is made, we own it.  If we quote a certain dollar amount, but find a less expensive route, we will bill you for that lesser amount.  If we can find a way to fix the problem over the phone without visiting your store, we will do it!  We believe in developing long-lasting relationships and partnerships with our clients.  The only way to do that is to earn the trust and respect of the people we work with, much like Washington and Lincoln earned the trust and respect of Americans.